How To Export 4K Videos In Kinemaster Mod Apk

Kinemaster app has now been popular everywhere. It is one of the best video editing applications at present. It can be compared to the premium version of Adobe premium Pro for its uniqueness. But there is a lot more that you should learn in this. It is handled on both android and iOS devices.

In Kinemaster, you can save your video in a format that can be exported up to 4K resolution high quality. If your video configuration is correct and fine it can be exported in a more high-quality format.

You can still do this in very high quality when you are going to select your framerate and bitrate in the pop-up menu.

For some devices, Kinemaster Aren’t Have 4k High resolution and the 60 frames option will be not available actually. But it is now solved and everyone can export their videos in a high-quality resolution. Now you can enjoy your videos in 4K HD quality and 60 frames per second.

Enable 4K video Resolution in Kinemaster

Actually, first, the Kinemaster video editing app will check whether your device is capable of exporting 4K videos. It checks whether it suits your phone or not. The device’s configuration will be checked and maintained for the quality of videos.

Two modes mainly make the Kinemaster video exporting in the correct way. One is layer mode and another one is the high-resolution mode.

The layer mode helps you to edit your videos in a high-quality manner with adorable capabilities. But only thing is that it limits the exporting quality of your videos.

The high-resolution mode helps you to export your videos in a high-quality format. And one thing that should be noticed is that it should not contain more layers as it decreases the quality of the video.

You should change the high-resolution setting to ‘no frame shaping’ and layer-mode will be the default setting of the Kinemaster so you will not have any problem with the 4K export of your videos.

Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

Here are Kinemaster works with high-resolution video options

  • The first thing you should do is download the Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk on your desired app store and install it.
  • Next, open the Kinemaster settings by clicking on the settings icon.
  • Then you can go to the information section and click on it to open device comparability information.
  • Click the menu button which will be present on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • There will be an HD mode present there. Layer mode will be the default setting of this application. You can change it to the high-resolution mode which will be found in the drop-down menu and that’s it.
  • After doing this your video exporting in 4K and 60fps will be unlocked with ease.

Check Your Phone Compatibility

Some devices will not support exporting 4K videos. It will be because of your device’s compatibility. So you should first check your device’s compatibility and if it’s not supported you can run a manual analysis. The step-by-step process is given below,

  1. Open the Kinemaster app first.
  2. A new setting icon will appear which shows ‘check device compatibility info’.
  3. In the ‘edit and share’ box you can find the maximum export quality quota on your android device.
  4. The same analysis can be rerun.
  5. For it to be rerun you can just click on the three-dot menu and button and wait for the analysis to get completed successfully.

The processed results can be checked in the edit and share box. If your device can display 2160p quality videos you can just think that it works fine with this application and device.

If you face any problem with the 4K quality exporting, you can try sharing your videos with the 4K quality and see if they can be exported with 4K resolution.

Precisely cached data of the Kinemaster app

So the Kinemaster application will be having some internal glitches which can show errors while exporting your videos in 4K quality resolution.

At that time, you can clear your application’s cache and that will be the best to solve this issue.

  1. Go to the app.
  2. Next, you should find the Kinemaster application and open it.
  3. You shall go to the storage.
  4. You should click on the Clear data button and click ok to confirm to clear your data.
  5. Therefore, at last, you can run device Compatability analysis after doing this.

When you clear your data and cache all files will not be available but your saved projects will be there. But it will make your saved settings no longer available.

Update the Kinemaster app

The Kinemaster application will not be able to export 4K resolution videos in some cases. Because one of the main reasons will be that your app’s version will be older. You can update your application by going to our website and finding the latest version or you can download the app once again by deleting it.

You are facing the same issue in running the Kinemaster app. You can do the same as mentioned above. Delete the whole data of the Kinemaster in the settings option and rerun the device compatibility analysis again.

How To Export 4k 60 fps videos in Kinemaster

So here is the step-by-step process to export 4K video quality with 60fps in this application,

  1. Firstly, open the Kinemaster application.
  2. You can select your desired project to be exported.
  3. Now you will be at the export and share window because you have clicked the share button.
  4. You should select UHD 2160p under resolution. Slide the bit rate position to the desired position and select it for 60fps.
  5. Then finally you are done with this and click on the export button and that’s it.
  6. At last, the Kinemaster app has been fixed and managed to export videos in 4K resolution.

So that’s it for now in this article. If you still have any doubts about this please remember to mention those queries in the comment section. And before leaving this page please go through our other articles about this application.

Final Words

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